Our History


Clear Creek Farm was a dream of a group of Miami and Shelby county school board members.  They wanted to create a home for emotionally or physically orphaned children.  They wanted to create a place, a home, to instill values, good common sense needed to become adults for a fulfilling life and for them to have their own memories of a good childhood.

This group felt that positive reinforcement was lacking for those children of abuse, neglect or absent parents. History of abuse can lead to a cycle of repeat for those abused or neglected.  For a child to successfully grow, the child needs love, support, understanding and emotional security.  Clear Creek Farm was founded to meet those needs of children emotionally or physically orphaned.

Development and Planning

The organizing group of school board members was instrumental in the 1979 planning and development of Clear Creek Farm along with the dedicated involvement of Paul G. Duke who was a major benefactor.  The first home was completed in 1983; and due to its success, a second home was completed in 1987.  Originally incorporated in 1980 as Upper Valley Charitable Non-Profit Corp., the program was referred to as Clear Creek Farm; the corporate name was later changed to Clear Creek Farm in 1992.

Leadership and Staffing

An executive director, a volunteer board of trustees and a dedicated staff operate Clear Creek Farm with the sole purpose to provide a loving home for children to develop spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally and morally as part of a caring family.  A place where kids can develop their own pleasant memories--a place called home.

Offers One Program

Lodge Program

A program started in March 2011.  In this home, the program is primary focused on accepting adolescents who are in need of intense group home services with a shorter six-month length of stay.  This program is a 3 -step process of approximately 60 days at each status level.  Upon completion, youth may be eligible to move to our traditional family-styled residence.  This home is staffed 24/7 by a rotating pool of House Managers and a Program Coordinator.

Education & Extracurricular

Our children attend Hardin-Houston Local Schools.  They receive extra help as needed with studies or projects by certified tutors twice a week in the home.  They participate in extracurricular activities such as baseball, volleyball, track, basketball, cross-country, Muse Machine and marching band.  Some participate in other activities such as 4-H, YMCA sports and community sports teams.

Success and The Future

The non-profit corporation was founded in 1980; and since the first home opened in 1983, over 300 children have called Clear Creek Farm home.  A place "Where a Child’s Heart Finds a Home."